Louise is an expert in all things lavender, with a passion for this beautiful herb that dates back to her childhood. Her interest in lavender was ignited at age three when her mother took her on a walk through fields of lavender in Norfolk, England. From that moment on, Louise was hooked and has spent the last 13 years learning all she could about the plant.

Over the years, Louise has developed a deep knowledge of lavender and its many uses. She is an avid grower and harvester of the herb and has spent countless hours experimenting with different ways to use it. In addition to her hands-on experience with lavender, Louise has also spent a great deal of time researching and learning about the plant.

In recent years, Louise has turned her attention to sharing her knowledge and passion for lavender with others. She writes extensively on the subject, offering helpful and accurate information to anyone interested in learning more about this versatile herb. Whether she is tending to her own lavender plants or writing about them, Louise is dedicated to sharing her love of lavender with the world.