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At gardening latest, we are blessed with a team of experienced writers and gardening experts that can bring to their knowledge and experience from the gardening world with the aim of helping you develop and execute the very latest gardening trends and practices in your own yards.

Keith Hardy

Keith Hardy - Bio Photo

Keith has been involved in the gardening and landscaping industry for the past 21 years. From a jobbing gardener to running his own landscaping services. He is now dedicated to bringing you the latest in gardening news. During his time in the industry, he has worked on numerous large-scale projects, including developing a new golf course, landscaping a significant residential estate, and redesigning commercial properties. Read more

Terry Holmes

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Terry has worked in a gardening-related industry for the past 18 years and has always worked hard to ensure his clients have the best experience possible. He understands that every garden is unique, and he takes pride in creating something special for each client. He aims to create an environment where they can relax and enjoy themselves while working in their gardens. Read more


Lulu is an expert in all things lavender, with a passion for this beautiful herb that dates back to her childhood. Her interest in lavender was ignited at age three when her mother took her on a walk through fields of lavender in Norfolk, England. From that moment on, Louise was hooked and has spent the last 13 years learning all she could about the plant. Read more