Electric Gardening Tools Rapidly Replacing Gasoline Powered Tools

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This year has seen the continued preference for electric or battery powered tools over and above the traditional gasoline equivalents. Over half of all hand gardening tools that are sold are electrical powered as well as more than twenty five percent of lawn mowers.

There seems to be multiple reasons for this from environmental concerns to the fact that electrical tools are now just as good yet not as noisy or dirty.

As in particular battery powered tools have become more powerful and their batteries longer lasting the added benefits of using a battery powered tool over gasoline version. One important feature is ease of maneuverability, due to them being both cordless and often lighter. Add to this that the prices can often be cheaper and the benefits are clear.

The further driving force is the environmental benefits of using electrical tools. The ability to reduce your personal carbon footprint is appealing to the new generation of Gardeners. Legislation is also playing a part such as leaf blower restriction in much California due to noise pollution

For the Stanley and Techtronic Industries this has been good for business with Stanley seeing sales rise 31% in the first quarter of this year. Indeed demand is so high that Stanley are struggling to keep pace with shop purchases. 

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