Lidl Stocks-Up With Garden Tools for Spring

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With spring now upon us Lidl have launch a new line of gardening tools and equipment to help keen gardeners spruch up their tools before tackling their projects.

Lidl’s newest garden event will see three quality tools hit the shelves from the 22nd April. The new tools will include the Lidl Parkside Electric Lawn Trimmer (£20), corded electric Lidl Parkside Hedge Trimmer (£25) and Lidl Parkside Electric Scarifier/Aerator (£70). All will be available in stores while stocks are available.

As can be gleaned from the prices as usual with Lidl’s these tools offer exceptional value with prices that are unlikely to be matched for similar quality items with both the lawn and hedge trimmer coming in at below £30.

The scarifier is also incredibly well priced. Being able to use over your lawn to get rid of moss is an excellent method for getting your lawn looking ship shape as an aid to you mowing routine over the spring and summer months. This excellent offe from Lidl is self-propelled, so it should move around your garden with little effort. It has a huge 50-litre collection bag, so you won’t have to keep going backwards and forwards to the compost bin, and it’s quick and easy to change between aerating and scarifying mode.

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