The City of Barrie Expands Its Community Gardens Program | Now Six Locations

In 2021 despite the ongoing pandemic the beautiful city of Barrie in Ontario, Canada expanded its network of community gardens by adding an addition three gardens doubling the total number of community gardens to six.

Having been approved by the city the new gardens will be situated in the parks of Lampman Lane Park, Riverwood Park , and Batteaux Park[1] and were built by Urban Pantry in time for the summer.

Barrie Community Gardens

An extensive consultation with local residents of the new garden locations took place before the f the three parks were approved and built. Initially there had been some local opposition to some of the locations because of concerns particularly about possible parking issues. These concerns were dealt with and the new gardens created.

The main objective of the various community gardens in Barrie is that local residents have gardening space as place to grow their own flowers, plants and vegetables, particularly if they have little or no access to their own gardens.

All of the gardens, including the three newly created ones have been built on public land . Prospective gardeners who want to use them will contribute a modest annual fee for the rental and registration of a plot. Once accepted the gardeners are then the ones responsible looking after plots and keeping the aspect of the gardens in good condition.

How to Register for a Plot

If you are looking to register and rent a plot in one of the six locations you can do so by down loafing this form, filling it out and submitting it with payment to:

City of Barrie Community Garden Administrator
Service Barrie, Box 400
Barrie Ontario, L4M 4T5

New applications are accepted from the 1st November onwards. Existing plot holders must renew annually by the 31st October.


[1] Barrie Ontario: Community Garden Program